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Concussion 101 For Parents, Schools & Clubs

Parents, teachers and coaches are critical participants in the recognition, treatment and recovery of concussion, both in Return to Learn (going back to school) and in Return to Play. Children, but especially adolescents, are most at risk for persistent concussion symptoms which affects their ability to learn, socialise and participate in sports and cultural activities.

A less positive outcome of our heightened awareness for concussions is that some families have been terrified by the dangers of concussion and are choosing to keep their kids out of sports altogether. My advice to those parents is: please don’t be afraid to let kids play sports! In this technological age, where children are far too sedentary, the lifelong benefits of being active, learning to be team players and playing sports at a young age FAR outweigh the risks of your child possibly becoming injured.

In this course, will discuss “The 10 step Parent-Concussion Checklist”, so you can manage the healing process and avoid unwanted and unnecessary complications of concussions that just don’t get better, and decrease the risk of future concussions in sport.

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